Black Sands Mining

Core Prospection

The Company carries out core prospection and operational activities, from geological studies to operating concessions and the extraction and final processing of the gold.

High Efficiency

We have production capacity of more than 3,000t/h of gold ore. 

Health and safety

Health and safety at work is one of our constant concerns. To date, our workplace accident rate is 0.12 accidents/month. 

Social Responsibility

Black Sands Mining carries out actions aimed at improving life for communities. We have developed health and education programs jointly with members of the community.

Black Sands Mining is an established mining company with a strong management team, using the latest technology for its production systems to ensure high efficiency.

CEO ,Black Pearl Capital

Our brand's address


2100 BSM Mining Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada

Scotia Plaza, 40 King Street West, M5H 3C2

BSM Ecuador, Quito

Avenida república de El salvador 217 y Moscú, Edf Aseguradora del Sur, 1A


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