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Ecuador "Nueva Fortuna" project

Property Location and Description:

The Nueva Fortuna gold project comprises 3 mining concessions rights covering 4,500 Hectares located in the foothills of the Andes mountains near the city of Tena. The Jatunyacu river, the largest and most important river and valley system, runs easterly across the central part of the properties to where it joins the Anzu river near Puerto Napo. Below that point the river is known as Rio Napo, one of the major headwaters tributaries of the Amazon river.


Given the widespread distribution of coarse alluvial and colluvial deposits throughout entire concession area and the fact that gold has been found in Tiyuyacu Formation gravels from Eocene time, in Arajuno and Chambira Formation gravels from Miocene and Pliocene times and in the enormous gravel deposits spread throughout the foothills belt by large, ever changing river courses throughout Pleistocene time right up to the present time, it is certain that many million ounces of gold are contained in these ancient and modern gravels on the property.

Major faulting and distortion of the foothills belt topography have ensured that over the last 1.6+ million years the gravels have been worked and reworked in ever changing river valley configurations. Such reworking of the gravels has ensured the concentration and re-concentration of the enclosed gold values. The process is continuing today, along with the addition of new gold values being added by the Jatunyacu and Anzu river systems flowing from the Cordillera Real onto the property.

Exploration Works and Technical Reports

Hampton Court Resources Inc. (a public Canadian company and the former concessions holder) conducted extensive geological investigations on its permits, and prepared an independent Technical Report under the standards of the NI-43 101 (by K. Warren Geiger, Ph.D., P.Gcol) which constitutes an independent evaluation overview of the geology, exploration potential and the value attributable to the property. Likewise Black Pearl Mining Ecuador conducted an in-house geological exploration during 2017 in order to confirm the results stated by Hampton and prepared a Report on Estimates of Reserves and Resources as well.

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